The Blake at Taos Ski Valley

The Blake at Taos Ski Valley is the centerpiece hotel in the heart of the newly emerging Village at Taos Ski Valley.  The building fronts on the pedestrian plaza and has direct access to the ski mountain.  The building includes the luxury hotel as well as private residences, spa, fitness center, retail shops, and an intimate restaurant and bar lounge.

As part of the hotel development, great care was taken to restore and enhance the natural creek just to the north of the site.  This effort included stream restoration, flood management, landscape enhancements, and improved public access to this important natural amenity in the heart of the Village.

The architecture of the Blake reflects the unique heritage of the Taos Ski Valley, originally developed by the Blake family.  It is based on a balance of influences from historic Taos and the Austrian alpine heritage that evolved in the original Village development.  This includes classic alpine forms of gable roofs, plaster walls, and projecting loggia and balconies of timber,  combined with patterns of detailing, fabrics, and tiles that reflect the artistic heritage of Taos.

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  1. I am interested in information re the soft opening of The Blake Hotel. Thank you
  2. Question the tiles in our bathroom at the hotel we’re beautiful . Can they be purchased somewhere?

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