“Fort Hotel” (Kath Kuni)

The “Fort Hotel” within the Himalayan Ski Village is a four-season destination resort hotel planned for the Himalayan Mountains of northern India.  With an emphasis on skiing, the Himalayan Ski Village is made up of five small villages linked together with a gondola.  Buildings are located along a series of pedestrian streets and small courtyards.  The architecture of the Fort Hotel and other buildings reflects the historical and cultural heritage of the area with stone and timber structures, known as the Kath-Kuni style of architecture; Kath-Kuni is an indigenous construction technique prevalent in the isolated hills of northern India.  Zehren & Associates master planned the resort and each of the villages and also conceptually designed key buildings such as the hotel and the gondola station.

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  1. The Himalayan Fort Hotel looks quite beautiful.

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