The Durango Mesa Area Plan covers 1800 acre of private land that will be dedicated to the City for open space, trails, recreation, cultural and special events use. Zehren and Associates led the master plan for the City of Durango and coordinated with the Owner and La Plata County to develop the program and master plan alternatives and preferred alternative for the site.

A major emphasis of the plan is an extensive multi-use and specific use trails system that provides connectivity between program elements, and the City’s existing trail system flanking the property. The effort required an extensive public engagement process led by Pedro Campos with the area plan being completed and adopted in August of 2018.

Subsequent to the adoption of the Area Plan for the Durango Mesa, the City of Durango hired Zehren and Associates to develop a Phase One Conceptual Plan that included specific use trails to minimize user conflicts, and BMX and Bike Park with a range of cycling uses to serve as an anchor for South Mesa.

The Phase One Plan includes parking, trails, arrival plaza, concessions, bathrooms, storage facility, covered BMX park.  The Bike Park has been designed to work with the sloped site selected for the use and includes a variety of areas for training and learning different cycling disciplines. A future field house is integrated into the Phase One Plan, as well as a criterium course.  A Frisbee Golf Course and Dog Park are also included in the Phase One Plan.

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