The Broadmoor is a renowned five-star resort located near the heart of Colorado Springs.  Beginning in 2001, Zehren and Associates—in collaboration with Gage Davis Associates—worked extensively with Broadmoor Resorts to create a Master Site Plan.  Recognizing key program elements, new facilities, and new development opportunities, the Master Plan responds to the growing and changing needs of the Boadmoor Resort.  Planned structures include three new residential condominium complexes, including The Brownstones and The Golf Residences.

The Brownstones are part of a design proposal submitted to the resort in October of 2003.  The project consists of 60 townhomes arranged in an enclave neighborhood on the western edge of the resort property, to help blend the unique architecture of the Broadmoor with the surrounding residential neighborhood.  To meet the client's needs, the floor plans were designed to be easily-adapted to create either duplexes or stand-alone units.  Each 3-bedroom townhome, which includes a den and study, is approximately 3,800 livable square feet.  To maximize the quality of the streetscape and provide flexibility for the marketplace, two exterior elevation schemes and three floor plan variations were developed.

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