The Beaver Creek Chapel is shared by Lutherans, Catholics, Episcopalians, Baptists, Protestants and Jews. Located in one of Colorado’s mountain resorts at the base of the ski slopes, the chapel serves the needs of resort guests and residents alike. The chapel has filled a spiritual void which, in turn, has created a greater sense of “community” within the resort.

The functional requirements of the varied religious groups were identified through a series of programming work sessions with church clergy and leaders. Although the desires of each of the respective faiths were very different and sometimes in conflict with one another, a consensus decision-making process was utilized to identify priorities and to reach compromise and agreement among all parties. Primary needs of all the respective faiths were then accommodated within a single, multi-faceted floor plan.

The architectural vernacular was borne of the traditional forms and influences, while the building systems, its materials, and detailing reflect a contemporary building technology. The chapel was to be somewhat timeless in design and to instill a feeling of long-lasting construction.

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