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Vail Bible Church

The Vail Bible Church is a multi-purpose religious facility that rests on the banks of the Eagle River, which is located on the western slope of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains.  The Church itself resides in the heart of several small communities which form Vail and the Upper Eagle Valley.  Although these communities are closely linked to…
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Cordillera Village

The Cordillera Village Plan was designed to enhance the Lodge at Cordillera, and make use of the open hillside between the Lodge and the tennis courts below, adjacent to the primary road to the Lodge.  The plan was conceived as a chateau-and-village concept, with the Lodge acting as the "chateau" on the hillside and the…
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Lionshead Village

Zehren and Associates developed the new Master Plan and Design Guidelines for the Lionshead Redevelopment project, in collaboration with Design Workshop.  The revised Master Plan and Guidelines were designed to offer a new “vision” for Lionshead, which had been a victim of nearsighted 70’s development reflected by precast concrete buildings with little appeal or “personality.” …
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