Jack Zehren, AIADarlene ZehrenPedro Campos, PLADavid Kaselak, AIA

Jack Zehren, AIA

Jack Zehren is the Founder and President of Zehren and Associates. As an architect and planner, much of Jack’s work has been focused on the design of new communities, often in areas with important environmental settings. In this endeavor, Jack has worked in a variety of locations throughout the United States and in foreign countries including Argentina,…
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Pedro Campos, PLA

As a State of Colorado licensed landscape architect with nineteen years of diverse professional experience, Pedro was drawn to landscape architecture based on a desire to help humans co-exist with their natural environment. He is committed to work that applies the principles of sustainability to innovate beyond conventional development and land use planning. Pedro is Portuguese…
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David Kaselak, AIA

David Kaselak was born in South Korea where he lived with his family while his father served in the Armed Forces. At the age of five, his family returned to the United States, settling in northeast Ohio. David attended Syracuse University in New York for five years and graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor of…
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