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Qingdao Yacht Club

The Qingdao Yacht Club was designed as part of a new marina and hotel development on the coast of China.  The Yacht Club is the centerpiece of the marina complex and provides a focal point for social interaction and marina operations. The architecture of the Yacht Club is inspired and reflective of the close relationship…
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The master plan for Oceantec embodies a live / work environment in which resident’s and user’s primary focus will be research related to the ocean and marine sciences.  Philosophically, given the location of the project on the coast of Qingdao, China, Oceantec will promote sensitivity to oceans and water as a natural resource, and raise awareness about…
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Golden Beach Hotel

As a result of the work done for Wanda Commercial Planning Institute Co., Ltd. for the Changbaishan International Resort, Zehren and Associates was asked to provide the design work for a new coastal hotel near Qingdao, China.  The rapid growth of Chinese cities has led to the redevelopment of much of its coast, where many…
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