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Seo Ho Clubhouse

The design for the Seo Ho Clubhouse is contemporary, yet recalls and respects the heritage of classic Korean architecture.  The main building forms interlock around two courtyards... one urban and one natural... both creating intimate human spaces.  The clubhouse is designed to be “of the landscape,” with a harmonious blend of site and architecture.  A…
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Yong Pyong Ski Resort

Zehren and Associates consulted to SsangYong for Master Planning and Architecture related to their destination resort at Yong Pyong.  The Master Plan for the Yong Pyong Resort Village includes shops, restaurants, hotels, and recreation facilities.  In response to the Korean climate, the Village Plan provides both indoor and outdoor pedestrian streets and plazas. Zehren and…
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Muju City Resort

Muju City Resort is a master-planned community designed to nestle itself within the mountains of Muju Ski Area, south of Seoul, Korea.  In an effort to relieve congestion in the most populous cities of the peninsula, the Korean government held a nationwide "lottery" for the development of six new resort towns across the country.  These…
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