St. Sophia Four Seasons Resort Hotel

The Four Seasons Resort Hotel was designed as the centerpiece hotel within the heart of the Telluride Mountain Village.  It was to be located at the primary gondola plaza ... the hub of shopping, lodging, dining, and entertainment for the destination resort.

The hotel design includes 80 luxury hotel rooms, 15 hotel suites, and 9 luxury penthouses.  It was designed to serve as the guest arrival and check-in location for the St. Sophia Village, located on the ridge between the Mountain Village and the historic Town of Telluride.  In addition to spectacular ski area views, the design of the hotel also includes two restaurants, a health club/ spa and outdoor pool, conference facilities, retail and office spaces, and an underground parking facility.

The architectural design follows the vernacular of the Telluride Mountain Village with additive forms that step with the terrain; protective roofs; classic mountain materials of stone, timber, and heavy plaster; and hand-crafted detailing.  Zehren provided two separate designs for the hotel, for two separate clients.

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