Spruce Peak Golf Cottage

The Golf Cottage at Spruce Peak represents the "jewel" of the Bob Cupp designed, 18-hole golf course. The facility is located between the first tee and the practice green, and features wonderful views to "Smuggler's Notch," where prohibition-era smugglers sped past authorities with their loot from Vermont to Canada. The Golf Cottage incorporates shingle siding, Vermont bluestone, local granite, and other natural, indigenous materials in a compact, pavilion-like structure. The main level houses a pro shop with fireplace, a lounge and bar, small kitchen, and men's and women's locker rooms, while the lower level consists of golf bag storage, a practice room, employee facilities, and other back-of-house functions. The interior of the facility makes use of solid timber beams, "barn doors" to separate the lounge from the pro shop, and local granite and slate. The 5,200- SF building also features views to the Spruce Peak Village Plaza and to the Mountain Cabins, which were also designed by Zehren and Associates.

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