Dolomoti Sheraton Four Points Hotel

Dolomiti Ski Resort is located near Chongli (Hebei Province), China, about 3 hours west of Beijing. The resort was originally planned by an Italian planning group, at which time it received its name, with Ecosign later hired to redesign the master plan. Zehren and Associates then collaborated with Ecosign to develop and refine the village design.

The architectural program includes 2 hotels, including the 4-star Dolomiti Sheraton Four Points Hotel, 12 condominium buildings, a hillside of small villas, and several clubs. The architectural character is a blend of contemporary Chinese expression blended with a retail base that recalls the shops and cafes or Europe, all set within the gently-sloping mountains of the area. The Sheraton, which totals 24,800 square meters, is located along one of the primary ski-ways and forms part of the main “ski beach.” The hotel includes check-in, Kids Center, fitness facilities, and indoor pool—with skier facilities, conference, meeting rooms, and restaurants above the podium level. The hotel tower is comprised of 300 keys of guest rooms and suites with stunning views to the ski runs.

The Sheraton Four Points is designed to soften the scale of the ski village by using smaller masses to form the overall building…the central mass complemented by wings on either side help to reduce the perceived size of the hotel and allow it to fit harmoniously within its site.

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