Changbaishan Hyatt Regency

Centrally located, adjacent to the primary chairlifts, and centered on the snow front, the Hyatt Regency at Changbaishan is the centerpiece of the Changbaishan Four Season Resort base village.  The hotel was designed as a four-star resort hotel of 53,100 square meters and 400 keys.  Zehren designed the Hyatt Regency two separate times, with the second time in close collaboration with Hyatt Hotels.  Designed to enliven the snow front and the village, the Hyatt Regency resides on the level above a combination of restaurants, retail spaces, and recreational programmed space.

The architectural forms are a fusion of eastern tradition with western luxury.  Regional stone, timber, and artisan metal work adorn the grand spaces framing spectacular mountain vistas.  Outdoor spaces are integrated with the building’s interior, maximizing the natural experience for guests who visit this newly master-planned resort in Jilin Provence, China.

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