Changbaishan Crowne Plaza Hotel

The Crowne Plaza Changbaishan occupies a stunning site near the north entrance to Changbai Mountain Natural Preserve. The hotel site features a gently sloping landscape with a natural forest along the edges of the site and long-distance views toward the distant Changbai Mountain to the southwest. The hotel site enjoys the benefits of an intimate landscape, views, and southern exposure to the sun.

The hotel features a gross square footage of 41,350 square meters and includes a mix of 275 hotel rooms and 25 suites. The guest rooms are complemented by 1,800 square meters of conference space, three restaurants, two bars, a full-service spa, and swimming pool. The site plan features an extensive outdoor hot springs and spa area with various cascading hot pools, waterfalls, and landscaping to create a relaxing environment for guests with a wide range of temperatures and experiences.

The architecture features natural stone, stucco, wood, and copper panels to express warmth and a connection to the natural surroundings. The building form takes advantage of the site and view of Changbai Mountain while using material transitions and dormers to break up the roof forms.

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