Caldera Springs “Zeppa” Restaurant

Overlooking snow-capped Mt. Bachelor, the Caldera Springs Lake House represents the heart of this resort community.  The building is a wonderful example of “Cascade Heritage” architecture featuring a “bistro” restaurant known as “Zeppa”.  The restaurant, along with the “Family Room” within the Lake House, provides the social focus and gathering place for families and friends during their stay at Caldera Springs.

Zehren and Associates collaborated with Ricca Newmark Studios on the design of Zeppa, with Zehren designing the interior spaces and architecture and Ricca Newmark designing the menu, interior finishes, and kitchen.  The architecture of Zeppa features timber structural elements that radiate from a central pizza oven form and is capped with clerestory daylighting via a cupola atop the pizza oven.  The restaurant boasts panoramic views to the surrounding landscape and lake.  Covered terraces connected to the restaurant with oversized doors overlook man-made water features that start at the building and wind their way to the lake.  Local natural boulders and stone veneer link the building to its site and the surrounding volcanic mountains.

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