Caldera Springs Pool and Fitness Facility

The Caldera Springs Pool and Fitness Facility resides at the heart of this resort community, along with the adjacent Lake House.  The building is a wonderful example of “Cascade Heritage” architecture and features a full array of exercise, fitness, and aquatic facilities, along with an extensive outdoor pool and hot tubs.  Together the two buildings provide the social focus and gathering place for families and friends during their stay at Caldera Springs.

The architecture features timber structural elements, expansive ceilings with natural daylighting, copper roofs, and panoramic views to the surrounding landscape and lake.  Covered terraces overlook man-made water features that start at the building and wind their way to the lake.  Local natural boulders, additional faux boulders, and stone veneer link the buildings to the site and the surrounding volcanic mountains.

Located at the edge of an expansive lake, the pool decks and swimming pool merge with the shoreline of the lake creating an “infinity” edge.  More faux boulders reinforce the illusion that the pool and lake are a single body of water, and also form “grotto” areas for hot tubs.  “Lava tube” tunnels and a slide with waterfall provide enjoyable areas for children to explore in a lively family atmosphere.  Expansive glass opens the exercise rooms up to the views of the lake and surrounding mountains.

The Caldera Springs Pool & Fitness Facility is a winner of the Building of America Award, honoring the 50 most important or innovative new construction projects within the region.  Both buildings were also featured in Real Estate and Construction Review, Northwest Edition.

Due to the success of these buildings, Zehren and Associates is currently designing a new fitness facility, pool, and deck within “Caldera 2,” a new sister neighborhood adjacent to Caldera.


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