Mio grew up in the mountainous region of south Yugoslavia.  In 1967, he relocated to Paris, France where he attended school. Paris is where Mio discovered his passion for architecture and the beauty of real art. After Mio completed school, he and his family immigrated to New York. Mio proudly served in the United States Army for six years and was honorably discharged in 1978. After his retirement from the Army, he moved to California and began his formal education and career in architecture and art.

In 1995, Mio moved to the Vail Valley where he continued to practice architecture, paint the local landscapes, and teach art. Mio met Jack Zehren at a Beaver Creek Design Review Board meeting where Jack sat as Chairman. They both agreed on adjustments to a project being presented at the time, and have been collaborating ever since. Mio has an endless knowledge of architectural styles, and is able to seamlessly blend multiple aesthetics and structural features to create beautiful, cohesive designs. He has contributed to a significant number of projects in his 20+ years at Zehren & Associates. A few highlights from his resume include: the Caldera Springs Clubhouse and Residences in Caldera Springs, Oregon, the Riverfront Lodge Concept in Avon, Colorado, and the Qingdao Yacht Club in Qingdao, China. Mio's ability to bring renderings to life and capture the true essence of the spaces he is designing makes him a crucial addition to any design team. He is an active member of the Vail Valley Art Guild and Glenwood Springs Art Guild.

Mio is heavily involved in donating his talents and time within the local community. He often donates his free time for set design and production at the Vilar Performing Arts Center, Vail Valley Performing Arts Academy, and local high schools. He also continues to teach art classes throughout the Vail Valley, while producing his own art pieces, which are regularly showcased.

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