Chongli Thaiwoo Four-Season Resort

Zehren and Associates and Ecosign have been working together on the Chongli Thaiwoo Four-Season Resort since March 2013. Chongli Thaiwoo Four-Season Resort is located approximately 2 hours west of Beijing, near the city of Chongli, which was recently connected to Beijing via a high-speed road.  The resort is located about 20 minutes from Chongli, and occupies land originally used for cabbage farming and livestock.  The new ski runs for the resort come within several meters of the “Great Wall” – not the wall famed for its height and length, but rather an older stone wall about 1 meter high that runs for thousands of kilometers, originally used to pen livestock and keep trespassers out.

The resort’s proximity to Beijing and its connection to a major metropolitan area via highway will attract thousands of skiers and guests throughout the year…for winter recreation during the cold months and to escape the city heat in the summer months.  The master plan for Chongli Thaiwoo was designed by Ecosign, while the resort buildings and pedestrian street were designed by Zehren and Associates.  At complete build-out the buildings designed by Zehren will total nearly 125,000 square meters and will include the following:

  • A five-star hotel…the Hyatt Regency
  • A skier base lodge/ restaurant
  • A four-star hotel (self-operated)
  • A four star hotel…the Starwood Element
  • A four-star hotel…the Hyatt Place
  • A condominium with resort spa
  • A gondola building
  • Retail spaces within the hotels and lodge
  • A cinema and karaoke within one of the hotels


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